Pat, Do you have a waltz for me to come in to for my Glitch in Sleep book, or should I "twist" it in?


OK. Here goes:

We come in dancing with our favorite book. We can dress accordingly for the book, or just great dancing clothes.

The only dance I can try to do is the Bristol Stomp so I am going to dress with college sweater, knee highs and skirt...but my book has nothing to do with the Stomp --BJ Neary
Sorry, I threw my back out and will be happy todo anything that doesn't require me to move around too much...Sandy
I want to do the book called The Glitch in Sleep - maybe a lullaby to waltz in to...or I could go for the "glitch" and do the twist? What do you think, anyone?
I'll take Twisted, as I think it works great with our theme:) --Erika
I'd like to take The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian since I will be dressed for square dancing. --Ginger
I'll be Ginger's square dancing partner- with Red Moon at Sharpsburg - Mary
I'd like to waltz/tango/piroutte in with The White Darkness, provided I can get it back from the teacher that I lent it to. What kind of dance can you do with a setting in Antarctica?? Wait...I can't do this....I have cold feet (bad pun, I know!) Rosanne
I have a copy and can bring it for you. (Pat N)
Thanks so much, Pat. At mile marker 266 I realized that although I asked the teacher for it, she never gave it to me. (I'm here already) Rosanne
May I join the square dancing group, since I'll enter with Paint the Wind?-Michelle - Sure, Michelle! (Mary)

I will be arriving late to the session. Also, I didn't have any fiction in the Top 10 but if I am there on time (I have another session/meeting) I could do just for fun - True Love, The Spinx, and Other Unsolvable Riddles : a comedy in four voices. And dance to Walk Like An Egyptian?!! (Susan K.) Pat, do you have the music? Otherwise, I'll come up with something new.

Physical Challenges:-

  • Tango
  • Cha-cha
  • Twist
  • Charleston
  • Jitterbug
  • Waltz (and I have more, just let me know how many more you think we need)
Mental Challenges:
  • Name that book (must have some dancing in the plot. We describe the plot, they name the book)
  • Name that author (famous dancers who have written books. We name the book, they name the author)
  • Name that movie (famous dancing movies. How many can you name?)
  • Name that star (we name the movie, they have to name the dancer or star)
  • Really hard trivia (movie and TV stars who started their careers as dancers)
Now, what I need from all of you are suggestions for the abovementioned mental challenges. I have some, but, with my play opening next week, my brain is getting a little fried. Can you give me some suggestions. I will also send this out to all of you in an email.
Thanks! Pat

We can use this dance trivia site as a start
Lists of dance movies:

  • In "Dancing in the Streets", by Martha and the Vandellas, list the cities mentioned in proper order. (Chicago, New Orleands, New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, D.C., The Motor City, L.A.)
  • What was the name of the restaurant the family owned in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? (Dancing Zorbas)
  • Dancing with the stars sounds great!!! Pat, what are your ideas?
  • In 'Dirty Dancing' what was Baby's real name? (Frances)
  • In Singin' in the Rain, what actor literally climbs the walls in his dance to "Make 'Em Laugh"? (Donald O'Connor)
  • Who played the defecting ballet dancer in White Nights? (Mikhail Baryshnikov)
  • Name two films in which John Travolta famously danced. (Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, Pulp Fiction, Michael)
  • Who played the rebel Chicago teen, Ren, who brought dancing back to the small town in time for the prom in Footloose? (Kevin Bacon)
  • Name the title character who stole a book from the Durham City Library's bookmobile. The book was about ballet, and the thief was too young to borrow the title from the Adult section of the library (Billy Elliot)
  • Which Batman actor starred in the 1993 dance movie, Swing Kids? (Christian Bale)
  • In 2000, which Shakespeare comedy was reimagined as a story about a dance troup? (Love's Labours Lost)
  • In the movie, Scent of a Woman, what kind of dance does Al Pacino do with a young, attractive woman? (Tango)
  • Name the Philadelphia-native actor and the name of the 1984 dancing movie he starred in? (Kevin Bacon - Footloose)
  • What was the name of Batman's signature dance move in the 1960's TV show? (Bat-tusi)
  • In "Newsies" who is the actress who plays Medda Larkson, befriending the newspaper boys on strike? (Ann Margret)
  • in "West Side Story" what literary work was the plot borrowed from? (Romeo and Juliet)
  • In what 2005 book does teenager, Frankilee, fantasize about Elvis Presley rescuing her from life in Clover, Texas? (Dancing with Elvis by Lynda Stephenson)
  • What was Julie Andrews Character's name in The Sound of Music? (Maria)
  • What is the title of the song from My Fair lady sung by Eliza Doolittle expressing her exhilaration and excitement after an impromptu dance with her tutor, Henry Higgins? (I Could Have Danced All Night)
  • In Mary Poppins, what actor played Bert, the chimney sweep? (Dick Van Dyke)
  • Who is the author of Push Comes to Shove, a biographical work describing this dancer and choreographer's collaborations with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Milos Forman and others along with her work as a choreographer for films such as Hair, Amadeus, and White Nights? (Twyla Tharp)

4/14/08 - not to be negative - but I can't dance, so what are the other options--great dancing clothes??? (BJ Neary)
Will the mental challenges be for the audience that night? (BJ Neary)
4/14 - Well...I can't sing and I did that last year. I can't dance either, but I think that helps the people in the session loosen up enough to participate in the activities. If we are brave (stupid??) enough to make fools of ourselves....they won't mind doing the same.
4/18-Help I need suggestions for freat dancing clothes..I don't own anything that would qualify for dancing with the stars and if I did it would not be a pretty sight. Sandy

What about reviving the Election theme? just a note to Rosanne (that this seems very reality show to me, though I suppose the PA Primary will have concluded a week before our meeting... (Erika, 3/11) I don't know how this worked before, but maybe each of us could nominate a favorite book to represent the Top of the Top Ten. Are we all Superdelegates from the Great School District of wherever? (Erika, again, 4/2)

From Rosanne (3/10) In keeping with the reality show themes....we have to do Dancing with the Stars...and the stars can be our books.

I like that!!!!! (Karen - 3/14)

We could do a Ms. PSLA Top Forty 2008 and instead of a bathing suit competition we could do a jacket competition as in Book Jackets and come in as our favorite book. (Ginger 3/26) I also love this idea, Ginger:) (Erika 4/2) I like this idea, too, Ginger. (Nancy C. 4/2)

I think we need to do something different from last year. Everyone expects new and fresh things - so I would vote for Dancing with the Stars (books) and or an election theme. (Susan K. 4/2)
I agree with Dancing with the Stars - very showbiz! (Susan M.4/2 almost 4/3)
I like the Dancing with the Stars theme! (BJ Neary 4/3)
Dancing with the stars sounds like fun (SandyK.)

Weighing in...I started to read and respond to all last year's stuff. It did look a little strange to me...don't get old! Since we talked about it last year, I had already done some planning on the Dancing with the Stars theme. Already have a number of dance challenges and music. We did the election theme four years ago (who can forget Donna as Laura Bush?), so I think Dancing with the Stars will be a little "fresher." (Pat N 4/3) Sounds good Pat. (Ginger 4/3)

I prefer the election theme for this year and "dancing with the stars" for next year, when the election won't be relevant. Beside we did TV shows last year. Eleanor (04/14)