​ Hi, Everyone. I added some Jeopardy categories and questions, but I'm not married to them. Feel free to change anything. Tricia

​Okay everyone! Red Carpet or game show or support group???? Please vote here: http://doodle.com/9zsdkmb2tic2udv4
Also, should we have a meeting at my house on either Sat. April 10th or Sun., April 11th? Please vote here: http://doodle.com/zpedar8wd78pi83z

Nora and I are working on the Animoto and pulling together book covers for fiction, nonfiction, and reference. If you know of an amazing book trailer for a title you are presenting, please share the link on the cover slides you send. Please only do this for your very favorite titles! (Joyce)

Joyce - Please let us know if you have any preference as to the formatting of slides (landscape vs portrait, background color, etc). You want the covers of EVERY book we're reviewing, correct? Thanks! (Mary Schwander)

I love that we are incorporating multimedia into our presentation, and I have a few clarifying questions. What exactly do you mean by sending a link to a trailer with our PPT slides? Do you mean a website about the book? (Sorry I need to have that explained.)
I also love the idea of using Animoto for our nonfiction books. Are we each creating our own Animoto, or are we sending pictures for one larger Animoto? Should we send our pictures to you, Joyce, or to Casey? Would you like them posted on the wiki, or sent via email?

As for the theme, I vote for "Read Carpet," but I will happily go along with any decision. Tricia

Back to what Ro said - I like the idea of featuring nonfiction, reference, and professional books!!! Yes to Animoto! (Ro B.).
We will need to decide ahead of time (won't we?) who is bringing what Nonfiction, Reference and Professional books to showcase....I don't want to bring every book I reviewed if I don't need to......and I agree with Nancy C about sending the covers if 2 people are reviewing it, can we contact that person and decide? (BJNeary)

I like the game show ideas, too, being one of the all-time biggest fans ever of Jeopardy. (Nerdy, I know, but I'm okay with that!) I like the other ideas, though, and the multimedia idea with the covers as well. If more than one of us is lsited with the book, how do we know who is sending the cover?
Nancy C.

I like the multimedia ideas, the trailer and the Animoto sound way cool! Jeopardy and the Academy Awards theme. Didn't we do something similar a number of years ago? Or am I so old and senile that I am thinking of something I did here at school. We could always recycle it?! I was also talking to a couple of teachers, and after I got home, this idea came into my head:

What about a 12-step support group - TVLLA (Teen Vampire Literature Lovers Anonymous)? We could come in carrying our favorite teen vampire novels, even some vampire non-fiction. As part of the 12-step plan, we could be required to read other genres (hence our booktalks about other fiction and non-fiction books). We could include vampire novels ( I know i want to talk about Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side) and there could be some intervention steps when we do this. Interactive activities could include vampire trivia, a vampire vs. werewolf name that novel quiz, Fangs for the Memories (questions about classic vampire films or novels)...I'm still trying to come up with some other ideas, but whatever we finally decide, I will be glad to "produce" our presentation.


​Let's shake things up a little this year. Thanks to everyone for started the lists!

When you decide on the fiction you will be reading, I would like everyone to send me a PPT slide with covers of the books. (Jason will be bringing a projector.) If possible, create a link on the slide to a trailer, if you find one.

Also, let's limit the fiction this year to the very best. We never have time to focus on nonfiction or reference. I am thinking also of an Animoto of the top ref and nonfiction. What do you think?

Great idea to add some multi-media umph to our presentation - love it! (Mary S)

Theme anyone????


I just posted booklists on the review page so we can see if we miss any critical titles! (joyce)

I love this idea, and you're correct - it will shake things up a bit and add something new and fresh. I put some theme ideas on the Brainstorm page, but your idea lends itself to a more original theme. I'll keep thinking. Tricia

Thanks for posting the list. One of my boxes of books got lost in the mail, so I've been worried that some top books won't get reviewed.

I would be happy to read pick up a few books on the top YA list if no one else has them. As I mentioned, one of my packages never arrived, and I only have a few that are truly stellar. Is anyone reading any of the following: (Nonfiction)Charles and Emma, Chasing Lincoln's Killer, Claudette Colvin or (Fiction) A Brief History of Montmaray, Crossing Stones, Solace of the Road ? I definitely don't want to step on anyone's toes, so if anyone does have them, that's great; however, if anyone knows of any top books that are NOT being covered, I will gladly read one or more. Tricia

Hello, Fellow-Committee Members. I had such a fabulous time last year serving on this committee, and I'm thrilled to be able to do it again. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with theme-ideas. The only ideas I've come up with thus far are "red carpet" and/or Academy Awards, but maybe you've done those in the past. I'll keep thinking. Tricia​

I could get into the READ carpet theme! (joyce)

Awesome! Tricia

Some kind of game show might be fun. We need to make it as interactive as possible, I think.
If we want to at least put the covers of the books we are going to review into a slide show, I think that would add some visual oomph. Especially if we are in as big a room as we were last year. I'd volunteer to put together the slide show if we can agree on which books we will feature through the wiki. Toni
I like the idea of a game show. Something like Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire maybe? (Mary S)

I like the idea of featuring nonfiction, reference, and professional books!!! Yes to Animoto! (Ro B.).
I like the idea of the READ carpet and featuring non-fiction and reference. (Sandy)
Will we decide before that evening who is reviewing what? (BJ Neary)