Hey, everyone. I'm really excited about the books I've been reading so far. I know that we like to do something different every year, but there were some elements from last year's presentation that went over really well. The game show idea was very popular, and the audience enjoyed being able to participate as Jeopardy contestants. I was wondering if perhaps we want to consider going with a game show format again. I was thinking of a variation on "Name that Tune" - "Name that Book." We could come up with some lines from books and contestants could say "I can name that book in 3 lines" etc. The commercial breaks we did for nonfiction was also well-received.
BUT If we want to go for something completely different... I've noticed that zombies seem to be all the rage. Last year someone mentioned a vampire support group theme, so maybe we could have a battle of the undead. Tricia
I'm really liking the "Name that Tune" idea! I think that could be lots of fun! Mary
I like the idea of the game show "Name that that Book" sounds like fun. Sandy
I really like the "Name that Book" idea. I think librarians would really get into this! Nancy C.
Anything that is interactive is excellent. Especially with the time of night we do it. Toni V.
I like "Name That Book" - Sarah B.
The "Name that Book" sounds like a winner. BJ
I think "Name That Book" is the way to go. Nora
"Name that Book" sounds like a great idea to me! There are so many ways we could go with it to make it fun/interactive. - Melissa D. 
Name that book sounds great. - Jeannie B.
When you did "Who Want's to Be a Millionaire?" was my first attendance. I was immediately hooked. I think "Name That Book" is great!-Kathy Gilbride
If we want to go with the "Name that Book!" idea, we might want to start putting together some ideas for questions. I know that there were several different types of challenges on Name That Tune, but I don't remember how they all worked, so I'm going to see if I can find some youtube videos. Or, maybe they run some of the shows on the Gameshow Network. I'll check it out. The format I remember most clearly was when 2 contestants were given a clue and had to bid down on how many notes they could "Name that Tune." So, I thought that our questions could go something like this:
Clue - In the opening chapter of this teen sensation, a young girl is about to relocate to a new environment. Can you "Name that Book" in 5 lines or less?
Then the 2 contestants bid on how few lines they can name the book. There can even be a bid of 0 if a contestant believes (s)he can name the book from the clue alone.
  1. My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down.
  2. It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue.
  3. I was wearling my favorite shirt -- sleeveless, white eyelet lace;
  4. I was wearing it as a farewell gesture.
  5. My carry-on item was a parka.
We could possibly come up with different categories or different types of challenges and use that template that we used for last year's Jeopardy game. Tricia
Very creative Idea but might be too time consuming. Sandy
If we didn't want to get too complicated, we could also do it with first lines, first paragraphs, etc. of the books. Nancy C.
Last lines stick with me, The Book Thief, The Lovely Bones, Handle with Care, etc. We could do that and have additional clues if contestants need "help." Make the books really notewothy ones and it should be pretty easy.-Kathy Gilbride