General stuff:
Remember to bring gift books
Mark (Trisha's husband) will/may be the official photographer (and possibly Michelle Burns, new PSLAer)
Meet before the session: 5:30 PM bring something to eat. Meet in/near the room
Nonfiction and reference books will be done in the form of smackdown commercials. Toni will organize (send her jpgs ASAP)
Your fiction reviews should be short and enthusiastic--a minute or less
(Music and Pat's shepherd's hook will signal that you should end your review)
The Alex Trebeks will help
Prepare to be offended if you are too long. (You know who you are!)

Theme and activities: Jeopardy school edition
Come dressed in school district garb! (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)
Three people will be brought to the front for a mini-competition ~ when?
Jason will loop the Jeopardy music
Barb and Pat acting as Alex Trebek

Like Johnny on the show, Eleanor as moderator will get the show started after introducing the Top Forty Session: "This is Jeopardy! Let's meet today's contestants!" ~ and the committee or just those three people will introduce themselves ? Then, "And now, here are the hosts of Jeopardy, Barb and Pat Trebec!"

Find something interesting about ourselves for introduction--it doesn't need to be true
Put this on the Introductions page of our wiki
Follow this pattern:
  • Like Jessica in Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Site, Pat is really a Romanian vampire princess.
  • Like Hermione in the Harry Potter series, Toni is an insufferable know-it-all.

Late stuff:
Send in you final top ten now!
Barb will work out a presentation of the top ten.
Any late books reviewed and their jpgs should go on the TooLate page. Please try to include cover image. Jason will figure out how to display these.