Like Fire in Cashore's Fire, Joyce (Springfield Township HS) knows what you are thinking and is now controlling your mind.

Like Holly Black, the author of Tithe, BJ lives in a house with a SECRET library!

Like Ellen Hopkins, Karen likes to mashup word arrangents in verse!

Mary Schwander from New Hope-Solebury High School: Like Marley in Marley and Me, Mary has a thing for gold jewelry and has a tendency to stick her head out of moving cars.

Like Katniss in Catching Fire Susan M. likes getting lost in the woods!

Like Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth, Ro Becker from Springfield Township Middle School washes her hands many times a day.

Like Penny Lane, from The Cupcake Queen, Nora Neumann from Arcadia University likes to eat cupcakes.

Bekci Kelly from Quakertown Community Freshman Center: Like Bella in the Twilight series, Bekci is pregnant with a half-human, half-vampire baby.

Nancy Chrismer from Juniata High School: Like Aurora Teagarden in Last Scene Alive, Nancy is a librarian who wears red glasses and loves mysteries!

Melissa Daugherty from Sharon High School: Like Meggie, in Cornelia Funke's Inkheart triology, Melissa has the abilitiy to read characters out of books..she is currently working on Edward Cullen.

Like Jack's mum in Breathe: A Ghost Story, Jill has a house invaded with spirits.

Like Max, in The Angel Experiment, Christine is a genetically enhanced girl who can fly and is on the run from the vile Erasers.

Sandy Krieg from The Haverford School: Like Rain in Schooled, Sandy climbs apple trees and taught her children how to tie-dye.

Toni Vahlsing from Abington Friends School: Like Annabeth in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Toni is a demigod-- a daughter of Athena.

Michelle Stone from Sandy Run Middle School: Like Minli in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Michelle travels primarily by flying dragon.

Like Bella in New Moon, Tricia is a klutz who wrecked her motorcycle the first time she ever rode it.

Like Sally Walker, author of Written in Bone: Burried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland, Jeannie Bellavance is always digging for new information.

Susan Krenicky from Phoenixville Area High School: Like many of author, John Green's characters, Susan likes "road trips" that lead to adventure and discovery.

Like Weetzie Bat, Sarah is a lover and dreamer who lives in a funky house in Shangri-LA with her Secret-Agent-Lover-Man.

Like Auntie Mame, from the play and movie of the same name, Eleanor likes to do adventurous travel around the world: last year she rode camel uphill through desert in Egypt.