Any ideas for this year's theme?
3/31 meeting notes-

Election theme- people voting for different books, voting for certain books or authors, mobile device and come up with best book of this year and all time, Create some in no issues, might have to comeup with a Top 10 List or by Genre...steampunk....before the election some kind of Ericka's song at the beginning....for our campaign song...
as people come in- go around and campaign for our book...twitter campaign to vote....hashtag--- #pslayatop40fav???
(10 questions) Video---make up a question found in James Kennedy vs Neil Gaiman- (also the Steve Colbert and Maurice Sendak interview)
download the author video and come up with a an electiony type question (tell where on the video answer is found)- send to Joyce at her email for her to edit by 4/6/12
(Nancy Summers will do Google docs ----multiple choice, one form for each genre- embed the google form on the wiki) Top Book (top 10) and
Robin Bassion will do paper ballots- coordinate with Nancy Summers)
What to wear---red,white, and blue --banner or campaign sign as material for your book-
heckler planted in audience...
Also have people in audience recommend their favorite book---names and stickers with names and favorite book
Uncle Sam Timer or something patriotic....BJ will try to get it on Amazon.....
Lynne will bring 2nd projector for twitter stream

Thursday April 12- for everyone
5pm mtg in the session room on the 12th
Pick your Top 4-5 books
Talk for 30 seconds per book
SlideShow will match the book list - Book covers will be done by Tricia...Talk about them in alphabetical order and put your name in
Put slides in alphabetical order by author
we are doing Top non-fiction and Top Ref- will run on a slideshow loop
Please review expensive REF

Slideshow of Top Ten - list by the 4/6
Our top 10
Put nonfic and ref on slideshow
Supplies- nametags for 250-300- supplied by BJ Neary

150 copies for audience - people take notes on their copies

Michelle Stone, Pat Naismith volunteered to run off copies

In Google Docs---Top 10 Christine will handle-----book covers--slideshow

I remember that last year we talked about a zombie theme - Night of the Living Librarian. Tricia
How about a night to remember on the Titanic Jeannie
Strange what comes into your mind in the middle of the night...Pat. I like the Zombie theme, too. I could probably costume it...Whatever we do, I will be glad to help "produce" the extravaganza. Here are a few of my late night thoughts:
  1. Since the Olympics are this year, we could recycle a Book Olympicstheme.
  2. Hunger Gamesopens next week. How about something along that vein. Could have challenges somewhat like the Olympics theme above.
  3. Along the reality show about The Great Race...The Great Book Race?
  4. I have many ethnic costumes...have we done Around the World in 80 Books?
  5. A take-off on America's Got Talent...Pennsylvania's Got Books?
  6. With a successful Broadway show, and an upcoming about a Rock of Ages theme - Books Rock!
  7. We still have never done our Biker Babes for Books...

I really like the idea of combining The Hunger Games and the Olympics. I also like the zombie theme, but with library positions being cut throughout the state, I'm a little concerned about portraying ourselves as the living dead. Is there a way we can spin it so that we are portraying libraries as necessary for the future survival of mankind? Tricia
Tricia, I am thinking that we could spin the Hunger Games theme into portraying the necessity of libraries. A society without libraries is surely a dystopian one! Maybe everyone can put their heads together and come up with some ideas in that vein. Pat N.
Great idea, Pat. I love it. Tricia
Maybe a 'Hungry for Books" Games? Although I still like the 'Biker Babes for Books' theme that we talked about a few years ago. Nancy C.
And please let Joyce know which (if either) date works for a meeting?
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