TOP FORTY 2009 From Ilene Goldis Grayev: I have really enjoyed reading this wiki and following the discussions...I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference! P.S. I loved last year's video! You all looked much talent. Good Luck TOP 40, 2009....It's the best workshops at PSLA! You always make everyone LOL! Regards...Ilene
From Rosanne: Greetings and salutations! Joyce mentioned about getting the wiki started, so if its ok with everyone, I'll start the page for this year.
Go the the theme page for this discussion: We need to start thinking about themes. For the past several years, we've done "reality" shows. Not sure if that mine has played out or not. I was thinking about my new favorite book, _Hunger Games_ and what reality show that would represent and thought about about "Top Chef". Our books can be food related themes or titles. We could also do "Hell's Kitchen" or maybe "PSLA Kitchen" and as we walk out with our books "Gordon Ramsey" does his shtick...but nicely. He does compliment people once in a while and we could be complimented on our choices as entree, dessert,etc.
Thanks, Rosanne! (Joyce)

Abbot, Tony. The Postcard (Jeannie B.)
Almond, Dave. The Savage. (Michelle)
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Chains. (Joyce) (Rosanne - can't wait for sequel)(Susan M)
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Wintergirls (Rosanne) I know it is 2009 but it's so good it can't wait till next year.
Anderson, M.T. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation Volume II (Joyce)
Anton, Maggie Rashi's Daughter: Secret Scholar (Eleanor)
Ault. Sandi. Wild Inferno (Eleanor)
Barbery, Muriel. The Elegance of the Hedgehog. (Eleanor)
Barkley, Brad and Heather Hepler. Jars of Glass (Sarah B.)
Barshaw, Ruth McNally. Ellie MCDoodle, New Kid In School (Nancy C.)
*Bartoletti, Susan. Boy Who Dared (Sandy)
Baskin, Nora Raleigh. All We Know of Love (Nancy C.)
Benway, Robin. Audrey, Wait! (Sarah B.)
*Blundell, Judy. What I Saw and How I Lied (Erika)
Brooks, Geraldine. People of the Book (Eleanor)
Brooks, Geraldine. People of the Book.(Susan M)
Brown, Danit. Ask for a Convertible (Sarah B.)
Burden, Meg. Northlander (Sarah B.)
Bustin, Pam. Mostly Happy. (Nancy C.)
Caletti, Deb. The Fortunes of Indigo Skye. (Nancy C.)
*Cashore, Kristin. Graceling (Mary S)
*Carman, Patrick. Skeleton Creek. (Jeannie Bellavance)
Carter, Anne Laurel. The Shepherd's Granddaughter (Sarah B.)
Collins, B. R. The Traitor Game. (Nancy C.)
Collins, Suzanne. Hunger Games. (Rosanne)(Susan M.)(Toni)
Conner, Leslie. Waiting for Normal (Michelle)
Cornish, D.M. The Lamplighter (Nancy C.'s student teacher)
Delinsky, Barbara. The Secret Between Us (Sarah B.)
DeLisle, Guy. The Burma Chronicles. (Nancy C.)
Dale, Anna. Spellbound. (Nancy C.)
*de la Pena, Matt. Mexican White Boy. (Sandy)
*Delacre, Lulu Alicia Afterimage (Jeannie B.)
Denning, Troy. Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible. (Nancy C.)
Dessen, Sarah. Lock and Key. (Nancy C. Joyce)
Doctorow, Cory. Little Brother (Sarah B.)
*Doherty, Berlie, The Girl Who Saw Lions ( Erika)
Dowd, Siobahn. London Eye Mystery (Sandy K)
Elkins, Aaron. Uneasy Relations (Eleanor)
Elliott, Zetta. Bird, (Michelle)
Ellison. Elizabeth Stow. Flight (Tricia F.)
Eulo, Elena Yates. The Great Receiver (Sandy K)(Jeannie B.)
Evans, Mari. "I'm Late": the Story of LaNeese and Moonlight and Alisha Who Didn't Have Anyone of her Own (Tricia F.)
Fajardo, Alexis E.Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath. (Michelle)
*Ferraris, Zoë Finding Nouf (Mary S)
*Fleischman, Sid The Entertainer and the Dybbuk (Erika)
Fletcher, Christine Ten Cents a Dance (Joyce) (Rosanne)
Friedman, Robin Nothing (Karen H.)
Flynn, Pat. Out of His League (Sandy)
Furnival, Kate. The Red Scarf. (Toni)
Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book (Susan M) (Rosanne)
Galante, Cecilia Patron Saint of Butterflies (Karen H. - review by PHS teacher)
Gallo, Donald, ed. Owning It (Michelle)
George, Jessica Day. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (Sarah B.)
*Goodman, Alison. Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Sandy)
Goodman, Allegra The Other Side of the Island (Karen H.)
Green, John. Paper Towns (Susan M.)
Green, Tim. Football Hero (Sandy)
Griffin, Paul. Ten Mile River (Karen H.)
Haddix, Magaret Peterson. Found (Sandy)
Hale, Shannon. Book of a Thousand Days. (Joyce) (Rosanne)
Hartnett, Sonya. The Ghost's Child. (Nancy C.)
Havill, Juanita Grow (Karen H)
Haworth, Danette. Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning. (Michelle)
*Hazan, Lynn E. Shifty (Sandy)
Hegamin, Tonya G. and Marilyn Nelson. Pemba's Song: A Ghost Story. (Jeannie B.)
High, Linda Oatman. Planet Pregnancy. (Nancy C.)
Hoffman, Mary. Stravaganza: City of Secrets. (Nancy C.)
Hollyer, Belinda. Secrets, Lies, and My Sister (Nancy C.)
Johnson, Maureen Suite Scarlett (Karen H.)
King, Stephen, Just After Sunset (Mary S)
Kingfisher, Rupert. Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles. (Michelle)
Kirk, Daniel. Elf Realm: The Low Road. (Nancy C.'s student teacher!)
Klages, Ellen. White Sands, Red Menace (Sarah B.)
*Kluger, Steve. My Most Excellent Year (Mary S)
Korman, Gordon. Swindle. (Sandy)
Landman, Tanya. I Am Apache. (Nancy C.)
Larbalestier, Justine. How to Ditch Your Fairy (Michelle)
Lawrence, L.S. Escape by Sea. (Nancy C.)
Lay-ups and Long Shots (Erika)
Lecesne, James. Absolute Brightness (Susan M)
*Lester, Julius. Guardian (Sandy)
*Levy, Marilyn. Checkpoints (Sandy)
Lockhart, E. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (Joyce)
Lupica, Mike. The Big Field (Sandy)
Maddox, Jake Running Rivals (Karen H.)
Marchetta, Melina. Jelllicoe Road.(Susan M)
Martin, C.K. Kelly I Know it's Over (Karen H.)
Martinez, Claudia. The Smell of Old Lady Perfume. (Michelle)
Mass, Wendy. 11 Birthdays (Jeannie B.)
Mazer, Norma Fox. The Missing Girl (Nancy C.)
Meldrum, Christina. Madapple. (Joyce)
Meyer, Stephenie. Breaking Dawn (Mary S)
Myers, Walter Dean Sunrise over Fallujah (Karen H.)
Myracle, Lauren. Thirteen. (Nancy C.)
Na, An. The Fold. (Nancy C.)
Ness, Patrick The Knife of Never Letting Go (Karen H.)
Norris, Shana. Something to Blog About (Karen H.)
O.Brien, Patricia. Harriet and Isabella: A Novel (Eleanor)
Osterlund, Anne. Aurelia. (Nancy C.)
Overstreet, Jeffrey. Cyndere's Midnight. (Nancy C.)
Pearson, Mary. The Adoration of Jenna Fox (Joyce)
Pratchett, Terry Nation (Karen H)
Quick, Matthew. The Silver Linings Playbook (Toni)
*Reinhardt, Dana, How to Build a House (Erika)
Reeve, Philip. Mothstorm: or the Horror from Beyond Georgium Sidus! (Tricia F.)
Rue, Ginger Brand New Emily (Karen H.)
Runholdt, Susan. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia. (Nancy C.)
Scott, Elizabeth. Living Girl Dead (Joyce)
Schmidt, Gary D. Trouble (Rosanne and Joyce)
Schroeder, Lisa I Heart You, You Haunt Me (Karen H.)
Schumacher, Julie. Black Box (Mary S)
Shaffer, Mary And and Anie Barrows. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (Eleanor)
Shaffer, Mary Ann. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary S)
Shaw, Tucker. The Girls. (Nancy C.)
Shakespeare, William. Manga Shakespeare, Macbeth & Julius Caesar (Mary S)
Shusterman, Neal. Antsy Does Time (Sandy)
*Sleator, William. Test. (Jeannie B.)
Skrypuch, Marsha. Daughter of War: a Novel (Susan M)
Spinelli, Jerry. Smiles to Go (Sandy)
Stein, Garth. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Mary S)
Stratton, Allan. Chanda's Wars (Mary S)
Swanwick, Michael. The Dragons of Babel (Mary S)
Tafolla, Carmen. The Holy Tortilla (Sarah B.)
Tamaki, Mariko. Skim (Mary S)
Tharp, Tim The Spectacular Now (Karen H.)
*Tinti, Hannah. The Good Thief (Mary S)
Townsend, Wendy. Lizard Love (Sarah B.)
Tucker, Todd. Over and Under. (Mary S)
Valentine, Jenny. Me, the Missing, and the Dead (Mary S)
Vande Velde, Vivian. Stolen. (Jeannie B.)
Vincent, Zu. The Lucky Place (Tricia F.)
Voorhees, Coert. The Brothers Torres (Susan M)
Walters, Eric. Splat! (Michelle)
Weitz, Patricia. College Girl: A Novel. (Eleanor)
Werlin, Nancy. Impossible (Mary S and Joyce)
Williams, Bruce Rollin' with Dre (Karen H. - student review)
Williams, Carol Lynch. Pretty Like Us.(Michelle)
Wood, Brian. The NEw york Four. (Nancy C.)
Woodruff, Elvira. Fearless. (Jeannie B.)
Wary, Phoebe. Jemma7729. (Nancy C.)
Woodson, Jacqueline. After Tupac and D Foster (Sarah B.)
Wroblewski, David. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (Eleanor)
Wroblewski, David. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (Mary S)
Yoo, Paula. Good Enough (Erika)
Zarr, Sara Sweethearts (Karen H)
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn. The Floating Circus (Nancy C.)

Graphic Novel Series
Classical Comics Graphic Novels Series. (Nancy C.)
Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre.
Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol
Shelley,Mary. Frankenstein

*Alma, Anna. Brave Deeds. (Jeannie B.)
Altman, Linda Jabobs. Genocide: The Systematic Killing of a People (Tricia F.)
Bailey, Simon. Release Your Brilliance .... (Eleanor)
Barry, Lynda, What It Is (Mary S)
Barton, Carol. Pocket Paper Engineer. (Michelle)
Berk, Ari & Dunn, Carolyn. Coyote Speaks (Mary S)
Bloomfield, Jill. Jewish Holidays Cookbook (Michelle)
Bruchac, James & Joseph Bruchac, PhD. The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales (Tricia F.)
*Bryant, Jen River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams (Jeannie B.)
Burgan, Michael. Nikola Tesla. (Michelle)
Collard, Sneed B. III. Reign of the Sea Dragons. (Tricia F.)
*DK Animal Life (Sandy)
DK Super Structures (Susan M)
Date and Acquaintance Rape (Karen H.)
Dell, Pamela. Hatshepsut: Egypt's First Female Pharoah. (Nancy C.)
Doughtery, Terri. America’s Deadliest Day…The Battle of Antietam (Sandy)
Ellis-Bell, Nancy. The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog. (Nancy C.)
Erlbaum, Janice. Have You Found Her (Nancy C.)
Francis, John. Planetwalker. (Eleanor)
Freedman, Russell. Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (Joyce)
Gaines, Ann Graham. Don't Steal Copyrighted Stuff! (Sandy
Gleed. Paul. William Shakespeare (How to Write About series). (Eleanor)
Goldberg, Enid. Genghis Khan: 13th-Century Mongolian Tyrant (Sarah B.)
Hamilton, Jill, ed. Vegetarianism. (Jeannie B.)
Hatton, Caroline. The Night Olympic Team (Sandy) (Rosanne)
Harpur, James. Crusades: The Two Hundred Years War (Sandy)
Heinrichs, Ann. The Nile. (Tricia F.)
Johnston, Tony. P is for Pinata (Michelle)
Kamara, Mariatu with Susan McClellandThe Bite of the Mango. (Toni)
Konstantin, Anatole.Growing up under Stalin (Susan M)
Kafka, Tina. Cloning. (Michelle)
Kantner, Seth. Shopping for Porcupine (Eleanor)
Klosterman, Lorrie. Immune System. (Michelle)
Kuhn, Betsy.Prying Eyes: Privacy in the Twenty-First Century. Jeannie B.
*Kuklin, Susan. No Choirboy : Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row (Mary S)
Laidlow, Rob. Wild Animals in Capivity (Sandy)
Leavitt, Amie Jane. The Declaration of Independence in Translation: What It Really Means (Jeannie B.)
Lewin, Ted and Betsy. Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia (Tricia F.)
Lopez, Steve. The Soloist (Susan M)
*Maddox, Marjorie. Rules of the Game: Baseball Poems. (Jeannie B.)
Mayer, Robert H.When the Children Marched. (Michelle) (Rosanne)
*Menzel, Peter & D'Aluisio, Faith. What the World Eats (Mary S)
Miller, Heather. Real Science: Matter (Sandy)
Minsky, Nancy. Denim Revolution. (Nancy C.)
Murphy, Justin. Cleburne (this is in graphic novel format) (Sarah B.)
Nardo, Don. Clara Barton: "Face Danger, but Never Fear It." (Tricia F.)
Nardo, Don. The Atlantic Slave Trade. (Michelle)
Nye, Naomi Shihab. Honeybee: Poetry and Short Prose (Mary S)
Ohlenroth, Patricia. IUP From the Ashes: Rebuilding Japan after World War II (Sandy)
Orr, Tamara. Savings Tips for Kids.(Jeannie B.)
The Oxford Project (Joyce)
Parker, Steve. Human Body. (Michelle)
Pausch, Randy, The Last Lecture (Eleanor)
Pennac, Daniel. The Rights of the Reader. (Sarah B.)
People with Disabilities (Karen H.)
*Pink, Daniel H. The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last career guide you'll ever need. (Erika)
Pollan, Michael, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (Eleanor)
Raczka, Bob. Name that Style: All About Isms in Art (Jeannie B.)
Raum, Elizabeth. The Boston Massacre. (Jeannie B.)
Ritschel, John. Kickboxing. (Michelle)
Rosinsky, Natalie M.Write Your Own Graphic Novel. (Michelle)
Schwartz, Heather. Political Activism. (Michelle)
Skuurzynski, Gloria. Sweat and Blood: A history of US Labor Unions (Michelle)
Sonnier, Suzanne. Religion in Japan (Lucent Library of Historical Eras. Japan series) (Eleanor)
Storm, Jennifer. Blackout Girl. (Nancy C.)
Summervill, Barbara Cane Toad. (Sandy)
Turner, Pamela S. Life on Earth--and Beyond: An Astrobiologist's Quest (Tricia F.)
Van Ryn & Cerak Mistaken Identity (Karen H)
Voices of Autism (Karen H.)
Ward, Jennifer. I Love Dirt! (Nancy C.)
Warwick, Ellen Everywear (Karen H)
Wechsler, Doug. Marvels in the Muck: Life in the Salt Marshes.(Jeannie B.)
Williams, Bruce Rollin with Dre (Karen H - review by student)

N-F Series
Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders. (Reference Point Press) (Nancy C.)
Diseases and Disorders. (Lucent) (Nancy C.)
Essential Viewpoints (Toni)
Eye on Art...Anime (Mary S)
Greenhaven opposing viewpoints Writing the Critical Essay (Sandy)
How to Write About - one book in series reviewed above in NF (Eleanor)
Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoint (Nancy C.)
Lucent Library of Black History (Toni)
Lucent Library of Historical Eras. Japan - 1 book in series reviewed above in NF (Eleanor)
Mysteries Unwrapped. (Nancy C.)
Mysterious and Unknown (Sandy) (Jeannie B.)
Myths of the World by Virginia Schomp: The Ancient Egyptians, The Native Americans and The Norsemen (Tricia F.)
Opposing Viewpoints. (Nancy C.)
Places in Time: A Kid’s Historic Guide to the Changing Names and Places of the World (Toni)
Reflections of a Black Cowboy by Robert H. Miller: Buffalo Soldiers and Mountain Men (Tricia F.)
Ripped from the headlines-The Environment (Michelle)
Signature Lives (Alice Walker and Miquel Cervantes) (Sarah B.)
Social Issues in Literature (Mary S)
Teens In...South Africa & Philippines (Michelle)


ABC-CLIO Social History of the United States ( Erika)
American Environmental Leaders (Toni)
Britannica Illustrated Science Library (Michelle)
DK. One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia. (Michelle)
The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Erika)
Gale's new Primary Source set (Joyce)
Grey House new Working in American volumes (Joyce)
Gale's Encyclopedia of US History (Susan M)
UXL Encyclopedia of Weather (Susan M)
At Issue Series: Video Games, Greenhouse Gases, Genetically Modified Foods, Social Networking (Susan M)
Wars of the Americas ( Erika)